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Treatment In Turkey


Treatment Opportunities in Turkey The most important values in medical tourism in Turkey are time, quality and cost. Turkey with high technological infrastructures and well-trained doctors, highly qualified health workers, high-quality service and hospitality has a great advantage with aspects of the multilingual staff. In addition, with the price advantages, tourism opportunities, EU negotiation process, multi-choice package programs (sea-spa-ski-nature-history-culture) and having treatment opportunities for the patient and his family with package vacation programs Turkey is in a very good position when compared with the other competing countries.


Turkey is the world's sixth most visited touristic spot and also is one of the most popular medical tourism destinations. In addition, in terms of thermal tourism resource, it ranks number first in Europe and seventh in the world. As TurkeyMedicare team, we work with hospitals that have international JCI (Joint Commission International) certificate-certificate of conformity- with qualified and reputable doctors trained in European standards.

CI for Accreditation of Health Care Institutions (JCAHO) established in the United States in 1950, is an organization that audits and accredits health institutions in more than 80 countries as of today. 170 health institutions accredited by JCI that rank Turkey second in the world, and is a confidence and preference factor for patients. The last 5 years more than 2 million patients from over 140 countries have been treated successfully in Turkey. Medical tourists often reside in developed countries and come mainly, from the US, Canada, UK, Western Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.