In Turkey, 75-80% of organ transplants are carried out using the healthy organs obtained from living donors. In such transplantations, a person who is completely healthy is operated and a part or half of the organ is taken. Although this is an undesirable situation, we have to do it to keep people alive, but there is a reverse situation in other countries. The organ transplantations from living donors and cadavers (dead people) are at the rate of 25% and 75-80%, respectively, and these are the differences between transplantation process in Turkey with the process in Europe and in the USA. However, as long as the transplantations are done in good hands, there is no statistical difference between the success rate. Organ Transplant Surgery in Turkey is performed with modern technology and techniques. In 2017, a total of 4860 organ transplantations were performed in Turkey, and 4536 of them were Turkish citizens, and 324 of them were foreign nationals.