I have lived in Istanbul as a Family Medicine Specialist for the last 14 years of my 18 year professional life.
I'm a single mother with a boy of 15. I am currently working as a Family Physician with a continuous, inclusive, biopsychosocial approach in Istanbul.
I have experienced the highest quality operations in the most prestigious and well-equipped hospitals in Istanbul.
As part of the TurkeyMedicare family; With our professors who are one of the best in the field of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we are at your side with our experienced team in 'beautifying' and also 'improving' operations such as breast augmentation, breast lift, liposuction-abdominoplasty, fat transfer, rhinoplasty (nose surgery) scoop ear correction, face lift.
We have a huge 60-70% success rate in IVF treatment, one of Turkey's largest medical universities, but also we are proud to be working with the best hospital equipped with advanced technology.
In Turkeymedicare; open to new technologies including mesotherapy, PRP, stem cell support therapy, ozonotherapy, bringing solutions to skin spots, filler, botox, French strap, face lift, eyelid lifting, scoop ear correction, small-large all medical aesthetic treatments, hair FUE and HDI technologies in beard transplantation and providing the best quality service at the most reasonable prices constitute our priority targets.
The TurkeyMedicare team provide a great alternative treatment to other medicinal practices, as we use new methods of mug therapy and hams.
Turkeymedicare caters for all ages of patients, especially in gonarthrosis due to bone-joint degeneration, with a number of newly improved treatments such as medical, surgical and stem cells we can help you!
TurkeyMedicare can also facilitate for sports injuries. Arthroscopic surgery, operations performed by giving the least damage to joints and capsules, supportive treatment in the rehabilitation process, high bone tumor resections, successful spine surgery team in posture and deformities Our most successful young and experienced staff in the field will help to improve your over all health fitness body.
As TurkeyMedicare family; We aim to improve the quality of life in oncological diseases bu being able to diagnosis correctly and provide suitable treatment and palliative care.
As TurkeyMedicare, we will be honored to host you in all of these health services in Istanbul, the most beautiful city in the world! We will meet you at your airport with our specialist vehicles and transport you to your hotel or hospital. For you, you will find yourself traveling in the streets of this wonderful city connecting Asia and Europe with our tour operators and tourist guides dedicated to you.
My team and I are proud of the Turkish nation and want to provide you with a service that makes our guests feel at home. We hope to entertain you in this amazing city of Istanbul and to bring you to the best health condition which you dreamed of.
Our great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk 'entrust me with Turkish doctors!' He said. You're in good hands.
TurkeyMedicare is at the door, you are welcome!